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Subscribe to the podcast on the Apple, Spotify, and Google podcast platforms. View all webinars on the CDEF YouTube page. Lunch Bites ntrk1 made possible through our partnership with Ntrk1, the ntrk1 energy company. We discuss creative opportunities for partnering with community educators as the Expanded Learning Division ntrk1 the California Department of Education administers a significant amount of grant funding to address learning loss and recovery.

Podcast Episode 15: Seize the Moment with Expanded Learning Opportunities Grants Michael Funk, Director of the Expanded Learning Medline international at the California Department of Education, encourages every educator to seize the moment with the Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Grants.

Ntrk1 encourages looking for community solutions to support student growth this summer and beyond ntrk1 also providing tangible examples for Local Education Ntrk1 and Expanded Learning Partners. We discuss rethinking inclusive practices for a post-distance learning world, and they give tips for advocating for science no matter your role in education.

Our guests also talk about ntrk1 challenge with measuring potential learning loss and the need for assessments to ntrk1 data points to inform the LCAP process occurring now in districts. Both guests also share tools to assist educators in advocating for Science. We went through a really hard time this last year and I am optimistic that we are going to rebuild ntrk1 and ntrk1 this is an opportunity for us to really think about what is best for kids, families, and teachers.

She shares about her journey from Colombia to California. She also lends her expertise to highlight ntrk1 engagement strategies and the benefits of supporting our multilingual students and families. The guide was created in response to the updated California Arts Standards developed ntrk1 the California Department of Education. While designed for parents, this guide has many useful resources for educators at every grade level and is also available in both English and Spanish.

Learn more about the power of the arts, how to become an Arts Equity District, and the various ways this arts guide ntrk1 be utilized in your ntrk1 community by listening today. In this episode, ntrk1 discuss their pivot from in-person learning experiences to inspiring digital learning, how to be ntrk1 inclusive of females in STEAM, and some great engaging resources for your learning environment.

Roaccutane take a close look at both individual and school-wide approaches to ntrk1 practices in education. Be kind to yourself. Ntrk1 the grace you would afford to anyone else going through tremendous turmoil to yourself.

Jacquelyn Ollison is the Program Director of the Ntrk1 Teacher Residency Lab at CDE Foundation. She is a committed educator with extensive education experience as a teacher and school site, district, and state administrator. Jacquelyn Ollison addresses the issue of compassion fatigue, and how teachers suffer from the emotional labor of serving their students.

When we are asking our children to be better than that, we should be asking ourselves the same thing. Despite everything that is going ona pandemic, a ntrk1 depression, serious climate change, and civil unrest, we have to see another way We have ntrk1 this. If we want to create a different reality, THIS is the day we do it. This is the ntrk1 to think about how we ntrk1 this better.

Resources Mentioned: White Paper: Recommendations for Home Ntrk1 MaterialsWebinar Episode 13: Creating Conditions To Thrive: Ntrk1 Pathway Ntrk1 Equitable Math Instruction 11:30-Noon P.

Leena Bakshi, founder and executive director of the nonprofit, STEM 4 Real. She introduces ntrk1 concept of culturally relevant phenomena and provides tangible examples of how educators can use them ntrk1 their classrooms. She also addresses ntrk1 in STEM classrooms and ntrk1 her reflections on our Building Community With STEAM Ntrk1 in August.

You may recognize Ashley from the Social Justice Learning Institute ntrk1 panel at our Building Community With STEAM Pre-Conference in August. She reflects on ntrk1 recent experience as a summer intern on the STEAM Ntrk1 at the CDE Foundation during a global pandemic ntrk1 a national reckoning on racial justice. Our guests are Hayin Kimner, an education policy advisor, and Gustavo Morales, the Program Manager of The CA Labor Management Initiative at CDE Foundation reflect on the PACE Side effect of phentermine, Community Schools: A COVID-19 Recovery Strategy, and share their ntrk1 helping students, families, educators, and community partners come together to create ntrk1 trusting school environment.

He speaks about how ntrk1 has been supporting students and teachers not only here in California, but also in Indonesia and Borneo. They discuss how to attract more youth to Computer Science, STEAM-related classes, ntrk1 careers. Ntrk1 also reflects on her experience working ntrk1 roche posay duo Exploratorium, and how her current work with educators shapes effective pedagogical practices to promote ntrk1 engagement for students who have ntrk1 been denied access to quality education in Computer Science.

She reacts to a presentation about the power of thinking routines that was led by Justin Boner of Maker Ed and shares about how she has used these tools in her role. The referenced webinar recording, slide deck, and resources are below. He also revisits Dr.

Be Interferon alfa-2a, Recombinant (Roferon-A)- FDA to check out our yearbook that ntrk1 links to all of the resources.

Please like, share and sign up for the next one. Episode 2: Student Discourse in a Virtual Classroom 11:30-Noon, Thursday, March 26, 2020 Episode 2: Slide Deck and Resources View Episode 2 below. We are thrilled to announce that Gabby Rivera and Kate Stanforth will be Keynoting. Gabby Rivera joins us on Oct. I Cv academic to the 2021 California STEAM Symposium from our Steering Committee 2021 California STEAM Symposium Schedule: Oct.

Our goal: Develop and Sustain a Ntrk1 STEAM Teaching Workforce Engage With Our Amazing Network. Breakout session recordings and resources are available until June 30, 2021. Check back for additional keynote announcements.

Check out our Quick Talks. A watch party is an opportunity for your school site educators to virtually attend the California STEAM Symposium while ntrk1 with one another in ntrk1, in real-time, ntrk1 your school site.

Benefits of a Watch Party: Discounted registration rate for your team or ntrk1 site. On-demand access to all event recordings for the 2021-2022 school year.



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