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McKee, 1987: Opportunities for nowcasting air pollution episodes and accidental toxic and radioactive releases. Proceedings of the Symposium on Mesoscale Analysis and Forecasting, Incorporating Nowcasting, August 17-19, 1987. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 463-470. Proceedings of the Workshop and Panel Meeting of the U.

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Tremback, 1988: A preliminary comparison of the WHITEX glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals study with synoptic model-derived trajectory results. McNider, 1988: An improved procedure to estimate dispersion in glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals terrain. September 26-28, 1988, Charleston, Glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals Carolina, 11-5, pgs.

Greco, 1988: Simulations of glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals mesoscale circulation in the Able II region. Proceedings of the Fifth Brazilian Congress of Meteorology. November 5-11, 1988, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



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